Safezy™ 24x7 helpline in Fall, Medical emergency, Safety need of elderly, disabled, Alzheimer/Dementia(Memory loss), Cardiac, Epilepsy(Fall), Parkinson(Tremor), and Heart patient

Safezy app or Wearphone alerts automatically with location to hospital, caregiver, police and relative via call/SMS/Email in case of emergency

24x7 emergency protection

Audible alert when falling unconscious and SoS button for Medical emergency(for Ambulance/Doctor), Call to Caregiver / family, and or when feeling unsafe

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Alert & SoS

Sensor based Audible alert. Call/SMS/Email is sent with GPS location to primary and secondary contact when Medical/Caregiver/Family/Police SoS.


24x7 Support system

Ecosystem of Hospital for doctor consultation/ambulance, Caregiver/family/relative support, and Police/Pvt security support


Why Safezy to protect loved ones in emergency or need support occasionally

Technology product for greater social impact

My mother slipped in temple and broke her right thigh. It took 2 hour to take her to hospital and to inform my father. I came to know only after 4 hours, since I was working in Bangalore 2400 KM away.
In another incident, My mother broke her hip after fallen in the garden. No doctor or hospital in my native place was able to do hip surgery and I have nring her to Bangalore in train journey of 2400 KM to get operated. She was in pain for 3 day before she gone thru surgery.
My father fell unconscious and somehow my mother called tenant after an hour. He was taken to hospital to decare that the had heart attack. He was saved due to my doctor uncle, in charge of govt hospital ICU. But not everyone has this kind of contact and luck.

When I visited Dr. P. Satish Chandra in NIMHANS. He was so excited with Safezy solution that he immediately called few neurologist doctor to inform about it. Gave me an appointment to see Neuro disorder patient that can use Safezy App and Wearphone. Most patient was ready to purchase in our Alpha trials.
We have traction from 107 hospitals in Bangalore and hospitals in Chandigarh, Delhi, NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bihar, Gujarat. Pennsylvania govt deput secretary said: Safezy is ahead of competition in USA. Netherland and Israel companies are interested in OEM solution.

What is Safezy

Now get connected with loved ones automatically, even when you are physically miles away.

Auto Fall Alert

If your loved ones, specially aging parent fall, do you think they will always be able to shout, press button, and also conscious always to call for help. They are not like us. As per senior citizens survey: 99% elderly people asking for automatic fall detection, voide alert to cancel, if he/she is doing OK, else automatically call hospital. Incase person is unable to talk, send SMS/Email with current GPS location, relative contact to hospital as well as relative. there is more to it for you as son/daughter to know, even when you are away or in meeting. Try Safezy™ and you would love it.

Smartphone is not required

Seniors hate or forget carrying phone or unable to carry phone. Pendant are so bulky and less in features that parent requires few more gadgets for different emergency situation. They require any lightweight wearable phone like Safezy™ that works on Machine to Machine communication technologies with no or 1-2 input in 4 emergency situation such that each alert is differentiated and call/SMS/Email different people for help/rescue/support.

2 way calling

Calling your loved ones is so easy now, because of wearable smartphone known as Safezy™. 2G/3G SIM card allows 2 way calling same as any phone. Dialer screen, Contact, and Voice assistant can be used to dial, any phone numbers.

GPS location

No app required to your loved one's current location. Just SMS 'location' to get the current location. It is allowed only for private numbers. This feature does not annoy the person, and you are able to get the GPS location.

Auto Answer private call

If your loved one is unable to take call in emergency situation like Alzheimer, Dementia, fallen unconscious etc. You would know if he/she is in bathroom or roadside.

Coming soon...

Pill Reminder
Medical device integrated for Vitals on cloud EHR.
Health analytics to alert doctor, relative for support, diagnostic lab visit, Medicine on call etc.

Safezy™ CARE for

  • Aging parent/Senior Citizen

  • Alzheimer patient

  • Dementia patient(Memory loss)

  • Epilepsy patient(falls often)

  • Cardiac patient

  • Parkinson patient

  • Women Safety

Safezy™ Enterprise for

  • Ambulance Staff/nurse/paramedics

  • Police

  • Security Guard

  • Fire personnel

  • Disaster rescue team

  • Remote Maintenance & Troubleshooting

  • Metal Mining

Safezy™ solution

Who we are?

We are Technology product company for greater social impact

Safezy Inc. is EasyM2M group company, using Wearable, IoT, Wireless, Mobility, Mobile OS, Smart watch mobile app, Cloud, SaaS, Video technologies for social impact. Presently incubated at Amrita TBI, earlier at IIIT Bangalore, NASSCOM 10000s startups, Awarded "Top 50 IoT startup in IoTNext2016 by TiE & IESA Bangalore. We were finalist for Nasscom foundation's social impact startups competition NSIF 2016, 2017

Roatary club of Bangalore has awared us wit "Startup Success award" in July 2017. Our Safezy Android App and Safezy wearphone is designed based on survey of elderly staying lonely, disabled and critical patient suffering from Alzheimer, Dementia (memory loss), Cardiac, disability, Parkinson, Epilepsy, pshyciatric conditions.

Our Mentors, Advisors and Partners

Mohan Sundaram

Mentor-IIMB, CEO-ARTILabs, Trustee – Association of People with Disability

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Dr. P. Satishchandra

Neurologist, Ex-Director and Ex-Vice-Chancellor of NIMHANS, Bangalore


Geetha Ramamurthy

Ex-Executive-Director TiE Boston, TiE Bangalore

LinkedIn profile

J P Patil

Ex-state head, 108 GVK EMRI, Karnataka, Chief Administrative Officer, IIIT Bangalore

LinkedIn profile

Prof T K Shrikanth

IIIT Bangalore, Cornell University, IIT Madras, Sasken


Mohan Hariharan

Emergency Head, Manipal Hospital, Ambulance trials

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R K Misra

Carnegie India, Centre for Smart Cities,Tenet Technologies, IIT Kanpur

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Anirban Chatterjee

Ex-CMO Tata BPO, Digital Strategy and Transformation Manager Mphasis

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MediInnovate Pte Ltd

Healthcare business consulting, Startup mentoring, Fund raising, Sales & Marketing

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